Covers the Following Issues
Dog aggressive, human aggressive, attacking, fighting, biting, food aggressive, resource guarding (toys, beds etc.), socialization problems, leash reactive, random or unpredictable aggression (contextual).

Program Details
This program deals with the difficult issue of aggression and its many forms. After a thorough behaviour assessment, we will guide you through all of the steps required to help your dog. Aggressive problems take time, and there are no quick-fix solutions.   Aggression in dogs is a complex issue and there are usually many factors causing the behaviour. Underlying issues can be fear based, further exacerbated by low levels of socialization at early stages of development and improper training techniques.

Natural Dog Behaviour has an exacting process to determine the problem through a proper assessment, then building the therapy plan to meet the specific needs of the problem, the dog and the owners. Only trained and qualified behaviourists should work with aggressive dogs: or you run the risk of making the situation worse.

We start with a proper assessment which establishes our behaviour baseline.  The program is then customized to the actual problem, dog and owner, then during the sessions you will be shown each exercise, how it works and why.  There will be weekly updates required to make sure that the program is being followed, and owners are reminded to be patient with your puppy.  This is a trying time for all involved, so let us show you how to get your puppy back to being the reasonable, loving dog you know he is!

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1 – 60 minute assessment session (private, in-home)
4 – 60 minute learning sessions (private, in-home)


Clinical Behaviour Assessment
Therapies and Exercises
Treatment Plan Homework
Weekly updates
Unlimited email and phone support (for life of dog)

 Cost: $585.00 (price may vary due to the severity of your individual problem or number of dogs)

There are no guarantees when working with aggressive issues, and do not trust anyone who says they can guarantee success. Owners must be patient and committed to the therapy process to ensure improvement. During the treatment plan you will be required to work with your dog on the exercises shown, if you do not do this you will fail, and your dog will not improve. Laziness and ambivalence has no place when working with aggression, only diligence and commitment!

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