The first thing is to contact Natural Dog Behaviour. This is usually either done through submitting our form here or by calling the office. We will take 10-15 minutes to ask you specific questions about your problem in order to determine the course of action, program choice and what the costs are.

At this point you will have to make the decision to book an appointment or not, I do not visit your home for a discussion to help you make that decision. Once the appointment is booked, our process has started. All sessions are private and take place in your home.


The First Visit –  Assessment

Prior to our first visit I will direct you to an on-line form. This will must be filled in with more detailed information and submitted before I come for the assessment.

During the assessment I will discuss in more detail our plan but mostly I will be assessing your dog, and it’s behaviour. I will also be assessing you and how you communicate. I will not be blaming or lecturing, simply measuring. I will also explain the behaviour in more detail so you have a thorough understanding of what the behaviour is, how it got here and how we reshape it.

The information I gather during this assessment helps me establish a baseline of behaviour, from which I will create a treatment plan based on the dogs specific needs and your unique situation. This is not a one-size fits all approach, each case is assessed on its own merits with the program tailored for each individual case.

I will also provide some interim techniques and tips to help you while you are waiting for our next appointment.


Treatment Plan and Homework

It usually takes only 3-4 days to prepare the treatment plan.  On my return visits I will take you through the that plan step by step. Working with you and your dog so there is a thorough understanding of what the techniques and therapies are, as well as understanding of how that therapy will help the overall problem.

It must be noted that we will be working on core issues rather than the symptoms the behaviour presents us. Often people will give me a list of 25 things their dog does, thinking that I will approach these one by one, this isn’t the case.  When we deal with the core issues, you will notice those 25 ‘symptoms’  steadily improving or disappearing completely. If you approach these problems from an obedience modality, by chasing or punishing the symptoms, you will have little or no improvement in the overall behaviour.

The program does require commitment from the owners, with a lot of the therapies requiring only 20 minutes per day.  There is usually 10-14 days between sessions, with weekly online updates required to measure your progress.



At the end of our sessions you have unlimited email and phone support for the life of your dog. This will help you stay on the right path and also keep you on top of any future problems that could arise. It is important to note that when we finish, your new journey is just beginning. It takes time to shift behaviour and owners need to be dedicated and patient!

It takes practice and teamwork to reshape behaviour, if you become lazy or ambivalent about the process no change will take place – that is a guarantee.


If you have any questions:

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