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Becoming a Natural Dog Franchise Owner

Are you interested in owning your own dog business, or are you already in business and want to associate yourself with a wider network of clients and contacts? A Natural Dog Behaviour Franchise could be the opportunity you are looking for. Natural Dog Behaviour offers you the unique skills to work as a dog behaviourist, not a dog trainer: there is no other business opportunity like it.

Many people have to rely only on traditional dog trainers to solve their behavioural issues. Usually these people are not trained in animal behaviour and have little understanding of the actual problem, or what to do about it.

You will be filling that gap: providing clients with the right kind of behavioural help for their dog’s problems.


Are you a Good Candidate?

The ideal franchise candidate will already be working as a dog trainer, with a strong desire to move away from traditional training and work only with behavioural issues. We do also consider individuals working in a support capacity, like Vet Techs, Shelter employees/volunteers, or Doggy Daycare owners, (each application is assessed on its own merits).

You must be intelligent, professional and sincere, with a desire to learn as well as teach. Most of your work with clients will be dispelling myths about dogs and how they learn, as well assessing, developing and implementing behaviour programs specific to their problems.

Natural Dog Behaviour will provide the knowledge, training and skills you need to fulfill your role as an Applied Dog Behaviour Consultant, (ADBC).


Our Training Program

The Natural Dog Behaviour Training Program is specifically designed to teach you the latest skills, knowledge and techniques available. Designed by Dog Behaviourist Ivan Stewart, it draws on his 30 years experience and will provide you information based on good scientific research, not hayseed, opinion and conjecture – or worse, outdated dog training methodology.

Upon completion of the training program, you will be credentialed and authorized to use the title Applied Dog Behaviour Consultant, (ADBC).

The program works in two phases:

Phase One: Theory and Concepts
Using our on-line software, you will learn the fundamentals of dog behaviour. This is done at your own pace, but should take approximately 30 days to complete.

Phase Two: 10 day Practicum
Building on the theory and concepts covered during phase one, you will learn how to do clinical assessments, develop and implement behaviour therapy plans. The practicum will take place in either Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta. This training is essential to giving you the hands on skills you need to work in dog behaviour.

This is what you will learn:

  • understand basic and advanced concepts of applied dog behaviour
  • understand the etiology of dog fears, phobias and problems
  • understanding Aggression and management therapies
  • understanding Fear & Anxiety
  • understanding Hyperactivity, Appetitive and Elimination Problems
  • dispelling Dominance and Training Myths
  • understanding Deference and Relaxation Protocols
  • perform dog behaviour descriptive and functional assessments
  • how to define and isolate dog behaviour problems
  • develop and apply a therapy plan
  • working with clients to ensure success
  • effective case management
  • sales, marketing & networking
  • running a profitable franchise
  • codes of conduct and professional ethics


Knowledge, Resource and Business Support

As part of our commitment to make your franchise successful, we give you a professional web presence and on-line marketing strategy to make getting clients easier. We also provide you with marketing material templates to allow for printing specific to your territory. You will also be authorized to use the Natural Dog Behaviour logo on all of your marketing material.

Each franchise owner will have access to their own regional web page which will be located on our main site. You will also have your own email address to make staying in contact with your clients easier and more professional.

We work diligently to ensure that our website stays at the top of the search engine rankings. This means more people see us, and you get more clients!

Each franchise owner will be supplied secure access to our on-line resource centre: this contains all of our approved therapies and techniques. All you have to do is look up the problem and you will see the approved solution. If you have a particularly difficult case, then just email or call and we can provide you with the guidance you need to help your client.

Our goal is to make your franchise a success by allowing you to devote the maximum amount of time helping your clients and their dogs, not worrying about the small stuff – we have your back!


What territories are available?

We have territories available all over Canada, with each region is broken down to be as equitable and profitable as possible for the individual owners.

Here’s what’s available:


British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Ontario
Vancouver& Area (3) Calgary (0) Saskatoon (1) Thunder Bay (1)
Kelowna (1) Red Deer (1) Regina (1) Sioux St. Marie (1)
Prince George (1) Fort McMurray (1)   Sudbury (1)
Kamloops (1) Grand Prairie (1) Manitoba Toronto (3)
Winnipeg (1) Niagara Region (1)
New Brunswick P.E.I Ottawa (1)
St. John/Fred (1) All  (1) Nova Scotia Kingston (1)
Moncton (1)   East (1)
    West (1)
Quebec N.W.T.
Montreal (3) Yellowknife (1)
Quebec City (1)  
Trois-Rivières (1) Yukon
  Whitehorse (1)
St. Johns (1)  

What is my investment?

There is an initial investment that covers the authorization to own and operate a Natural Dog Behaviour Franchise, as well as the costs of training.

There is also a small monthly royalty on revenue. This covers your annual re-licensing, marketing, resources, web-site maintenance and association costs as an Applied Dog Behaviour Consultant, (ADBC). It is also used to help promote Natural Dog Behaviour, which in turn will make your individual franchises more successful.

Please email:

How do I get started?

After a quick chat on the phone, we will send you the link to our on-line application form.

The acceptance process works in two phases:

  1. Registration form is to be submitted with a simple business plan: Business plan will consist of an outline of how you will implement, market and operate the business for your specific area.
  2. Formal interview: It is intended to verify the seriousness of your intent, go over details of your plan and your responsibilities as a franchise owner. It is also an opportunity for us to explain how we will support you in your success. This can be by phone, Skype or in person depending on your geographical location.

We look forward to discussing this excellent opportunity with you and helping you achieve your financial success.

For More Info: Please email: